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Our Vision: CPA will continue to be the foremost voice of Prevention in PA. Our Mission: To support prevention professionals in eliminating substance abuse and risk-related behaviors.

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Bylaws Attachment B: Officers' Responsibilities
President: Job Description and Duties
The President will:
  1. Actively participate in all CPA Board Meetings.

  2. Convene the CPA Board meetings and provide an agenda for the meetings. The president will submit an oral or written presidential report on activities the president has been involved in on behalf of CPA since the last board meeting, to be included in the minutes.

  3. Maintain a standard board meeting agenda format to include but not be limited to the following: President's Report, Committee Reports, Regional Coordinator's Reports, Treasurer's Report, Minutes of last meeting, New Business, Old Business.

  4. Be responsible for coordinating the delivery of board manuals for new board members making sure the information is current.

  5. Be responsible for overseeing the Vice President's planning and the implement of the CPA Annual Meeting. Will assist in committee development for this event, agenda preparations and will be an ad-hoc member of this committee.

  6. Serve as an Ad-hoc member of all committees and maintain a working knowledge of all committees of the CPA Board via mail, phone, e-mail, fax and other communication avenues.

  7. Be responsible for maintaining a relationship with Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs (BDAP) of the PA Department of Health, PA Prevention Directors Association (PPDA), PA Liquor Control Board, and other state and national prevention organizations. A minimum of two contacts each year with BDAP and PPDA are required. Additional contacts will be made at the discretion of the Board.

  8. Prepare a letter of introduction of the new president before leaving office.

  9. Be responsible for cancellation of meetings due to inclement weather or other natural or man made situations. In lieu of cancellation the President can order a conference call to replace the meeting. The President will be responsible for maintaining an up-to-date phone directory system (phone tree) to contact Board members.

  10. Pick up, review and disseminate all mail prior to each meeting.

  11. Be responsible for all other duties as assigned by the Board.



Vice President: Job Responsibilities and Duties


The Vice President will:

  1. Actively participate in all CPA Board Meetings

  2. Act in lieu of President when the President is unable to perform his/her tasks and objectives.

  3. Be responsible for the planning implement of annual meeting in conjunction with the President.

  4. Contact Regional Coordinators on a quarterly basis for update and provide updates at Board meetings.

  5. Monitor two regional meetings yearly provided by Regional Coordinators.

  6. Provide manual and review for new board members.

  7. Be responsible for timeline tickler/review. (Inform President and Board of tasks to be done in a timely manner.)



Secretary: Job Responsibilities and Duties


The Secretary will:

  1. Actively participate in all CPA Board Meetings.

  2. Take minutes of the business conducted.

  3. Type and distribute minutes of meetings to all board members, alternates - honorary members, and regional coordinators prior to the next meeting.

  4. Review and answer all correspondence as directed by the Board of Directors.

  5. Make telephone calls as directed by the Board of Directors.

  6. Maintain an accurate and up-to-date mailing list of the Board of Directors.

  7. Record attendance of all persons at Board of Directors' meetings to be included in the minutes.

  8. Schedule special meetings at the request of the Board of Directors.

  9. Maintain a copy of minutes and meeting agendas in a three-ring binder.

  10. Be responsible for any and all other duties that may become necessary deemed by the CPA Board of Directors



Treasurer: Job Responsibilities and Duties


The Treasurer will:

  1. Actively participate in all CPA Board Meetings.

  2. Keep appropriate records of funds deposited and withdrawn from the checking account and other investments.(CD's)

  3. Balance monthly bank statements.

  4. Pay all outstanding CPA board approved invoices.

  5. Submit written monthly financial report to the board members.

  6. Secure yearly audit of financial records from a Certified Public Accountant.

  7. Maintain in kind documentation from monthly meeting and committee activities.

  8. Deposit checks in a timely manner.

  9. Act as chairperson of the resource development and finance.

  10. Make sure all IRS documents are submitted annually.