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Commonwealth Prevention Alliance

Our Vision: CPA will continue to be the foremost voice of Prevention in PA. Our Mission: To support prevention professionals in eliminating substance abuse and risk-related behaviors.
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Members List 2015-2016


This page was last modified on Monday, May 02, 2016 12:40:45 PM


Note: Memberships received after 5/2/2016 have not been added to this listing.  If you have any questions about your membership, please contact Javerta L. Sims at 724-847-6225 (office) or 


NOTE:  Agencies, Organizations and Individuals with "2015-16" beside their name are current with CPA membership.



Agency and Individual Members:



Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services, Cameron, Elk and McKean Counties (2015-16)

  •   Greta Billings, Lisa Cherry, Sheri Harrier, Erica Hodgdon 


Beaver County Behavioral Health Drug and Alcohol Program, Beaver County 

  • Javerta Sims


Blair County Drug & Alcohol Program, Inc., Blair County (2015-16)

  • Shawn Cunningham, Samantha Humphrey, Tricia Maceno, Melissa Stump, Jessica Wyant


Bucks County Behavioral Health & Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc., Bucks County (2015-16)

  • Margie Rivera, Diane Rosati, Mallory Showalter, Lambert Tolbert


Building a Better Bensalem Together (2015-16)

  • Marcia Kalish


Butler County Drug & Alcohol, Butler County (2015-16)

  • Beth Ehrenfried-Neveux

Centre for Community Resources, Butler County (2015-16)

  • Beth Bittner

Chicka, Linda, Individual Member (2015-16) 


Clearfield-Jefferson Drug & Alcohol Commission, Clearfield and Jefferson Counties (2015-16) 

  • Janie Braid, Jamie Ellinger, Marsha Emhoff, Susan Ford, Malissa Martino, John Schuster, Kelly Turner, Karen Orner  


Clinic  Outcomes Group, Inc., Schuykill County (2015-16)

  • Alicia Fleischut, Jennifer Melochick, Helen Rebuck, Robin Steimling, Amanda Wessner

C-M-P D&A Commission, Carbon, Monroe and Pike Counties (2015-16) 

  • April Caton, Jamie Drake, Rob Mikulski, Alysa Schlier, Jonah Talbott, Elaine Tucker, Jacqui Verhauz, Jessica Verhauz


Collaborating for Youth, Adams County (2015-16)

  • Eileen Grenell, Sharron Michels, James Ortiz, Melissa Rosenberger 

Community Prevention Services of Westmoreland, Westmoreland County (2015-16) 

  • Tim Phillips, Renee Kelly,Tracy Slagle 


Council Rock Coalition for Healthy Youth, Bucks County (2015-16) 

  • Debbie Moskovitz


Council of Southeast PA, Inc., Bucks County (2015-16) 

  • Melissa Groden, Melanie Swanson, David Fialko, Jessica Schwartz

Crawford County Drug and Alcohol, Crawford County (2015-16)

  •  Jayme Ferry

Dauphin County Department of Drug & Alcohol Services, Dauphin County (2015-16)

  • Dionne Baylor, Sherry Clouser, Kyla Crawford, Heather Crook, Pat Gadsden, Ashley Mattis, Tynesha Robinson, Danelle Wagner, Steven White, Melanie Yeager 


Downington Area Communities That Care, Chester County (2015-16)

  • Libby Egnaczyk

Family Services of Montgomery County, Montgomery County (2015-16)

  • Angela Bell, Kelly Canelly-Brown, Tamesha Outterbridge, Yvonne Platts, Viviann Schorle

Fayette County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc., Fayette County (2015-16)

  • Melissa Ferris, Melissa Reese, Kelly Reshenberg, Erica Usher, Lorraine Yasenosky


Franklin-Fulton County Drug & Alcohol, Franklin and Fulton Counties (2015-16)

  • April Brown


Gority, Donna, Individual Member, Blair County (2015-16) 


Indian Valley Character Counts Coalition, Montgomery County (2015-16) 

  •  DonnaLea Pyrz

JDAPP Coalition, Mercer County (2015-16)

  • Sue Avril

Jewish Family & Children's Service of Greater Philadelphia, Philadelphia (2015-16)  

  • Chrystal Ayala, Catrenia Griffin, Alex Ingram, Sheila Walker-Kurrila, Adrienne Madnick, Janon McFarland, Renee Mezer, Niki Schubert, Brad Stern, Adrienne Tomlinson


Juniata Vally Tri-County D&A Abuse Commission, Mifflin, Juniata, Huntingdon Counties ('15-16)

  • Martha Leister


Keystone Wellness Programs, Butler County (2015-16)

  • Barbara Breitenstein, Lori Stearns

Lackawanna /Susquehanna Office of Drug and Alcohol Programs, Lackawanna and Susquehanna Counties (2015-16)

  • Tony Kosydar, Michele Smith, Jude Villano


Lawrence County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Lawrence County (2015-16)

  •  Jennifer Brown, Nadine Kirkwood, Raschelle Smith, Caitlin Wimer


Lebanon County Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Lebanon County (2015-16)

  • Robert Count

Libertae, Inc, Bucks County (2015-16)

  • Pamela Judge

Lower Dauphin Communities That Care, Dauphin County (2015-16) 

  • Kathy Peffer


LYFT Coalition, Bucks County (2015-16)

  • Tim Philpot, Emily French, Shannon Hibbs, Valerie Hofer, Vicky Allen, Gary Sanderson

Mainstream Counseling, Huntingdon County (2015-16)

  • Lonnie Woomer, Melody Fortney, Jody Baker, Joanne Wray


Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission, Mercer County (2015-16)

  • Kelly Burke, Debby Fye, Michelle Goehring, Jeff Hanley, Katie Gassne

Mifflin County Communities That Care, Mifflin County (2015-16)  

  • Nancy Records


NHS Cares, Bucks County (2015-16)

  • Dori Dugan, Barbara Gross

Penn Foundation, Bucks County (2015-16)

  • Lois Dodson, Deb Ryan, Jilie Williams 

Personal Solutions, Inc., Bedford County (2015-16) 

  • Dawn Housel, Amie Leonard, Brittany Lodge, Sharon McNamara


The Prevention Network, Beaver County (2015-16)

  •  Jeremy Angus, Cristen McCoy, Barbara Martz


Representative Stan Saylor, York County (2015-16)

Sage Action Counsulting, Beaver County (2015-16)

  • Denina Bautti-Cascio

Saint Vincent College, Westmoreland County (2015-16)

  • Donna Kean, Debora Babilya, Anna Marie Blon, Rebecca Casale, Stephanie Frey, Jerry Hopkins, Denny McDonough, Diane Meadows, Heather Meyer, Laurie Moorhead, Patty Morhack, Beth Pollick-Joseph, Lisa Rizza, Kathy Senic, Tracy Thompson


Trehab Center, Susquehanna County (2015-16)

  • Cassie Benscoter, Traci Decker, Stephanie Ferraro, Andrew Granick, Michelle Taylor


Valley Youth House, Northampton (2015-16)

  • Pam Colton


Washington Drug & Alcohol Commission, Washington County (2015-16)

  • Christie Angelini, Ramona Cholak Jenks, Melissa Dunn, Barb Mundell O'Hara, Joe Sabo, Tammy Taylor, Taylor Young 


West Branch Drug & Alcohol Abuse Commission, Lycoming County (2015-16)

  • Deanna Drick, Pascha Ferry, Danielle Hardy, Cheryl Plankenhorn

West Philadelphia Coalition, Philadelphia (2015-16) 

  • Cynthia Gowdy 

Westmoreland Drug & Alcohol Commission, Westmoreland County (2015-16)

  • Colleen Hughes, Lisa Miller, Julie Roebuck

 York County Drug & Alcohol Commission - York County (2015-16)

  • Matthew Null