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Commonwealth Prevention Alliance

Our Vision: CPA will continue to be the foremost voice of Prevention in Pennsylvania. Our Mission: To support prevention professionals in eliminating substance abuse.
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Members List 2013-2014


This page was last modified on Tuesday, April 01, 2014 04:51:12 PM


Note: Any memberships received after 4/1/2014 have not been added to this listing.  If you have any questions about your membership, please contact Beth Ehrenfried-Neveux at 724-284-5114 (office) or


NOTE:  Agencies, Organizations and Individuals with "2013-14" beside their name are current with CPA membership.


Agency and Individual Members:

Alcohol & Drug Abuse ServicesElk County 

  • Jennifer Young, Greta Billings, Karen Frank, Patti Gamble, John Hrusth


Allegheny County Drug and Alcohol Services, Allegheny County 

  •  Randolph Thomas, Bernard Galanko, Terrance Brennan, Arthur Hughes, Latika Davis-Jones


American Lung Association, Blair County

  • Tammy Kreiser


ARC Manor Addiction Recovery CenterArmstrong County 

  • Denise Marano, Jill Pless, Kathy Velcko


ARIN IU 28 Prevention Program, Armstrong & Indiana Counties

  • Maureen Bourke, Robin Fiedler, Kathy Monko, Ella Zagurskie


Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug & Alcohol Commission (2013-14)

  • Kami Anderson, Carrie Bence, Jennifer McCroskey, Rita Woodard, Jessica Snyder, Kolaya Horne, Betsee Beunier, Courtney Hankinson, Sarah Muth, Mathew Antis, Michelle Simpson 


Beacon Light Behavioral Health System, Warren/Forest

  • Chris Snyder


Blair County Drug & Alcohol Program, Inc., Blair County (2013-14)

  • Patty Karn, Heather Kennedy, Kathrine Muller, Hannah Weaver, Jessica Wyant

Bradford County CTC, Bradford County (2013-14)

  • Melissa Sentiff, Joyce Kerrick, Jessica Towner, Monya Tsiknas, Marquerite Shaner

Bucks County Behavioral Health & Drug & Alcohol Comm., Inc., Bucks County (2013-14)

  • Diane Rosati, Lambert Tolbert


Butler County Drug and Alcohol Programs, Butler County (2013-14)

  • Beth Ehrenfried-Neveux 


Caron Treatment CentersBerks County

  • Amy McCoy


Center for Humanistic Change, Inc., Lehigh County

  • Mary Ellen Jackson, Kavita Goyal, Karen Korpics

Chester Education Foundation, Delaware County

  • Neiloa Mott


Chicka, Linda, Individual Member (2013-14)

Clear Concepts Counseling, Mifflin and Juniata Counties  (2013-14)

  • Jill Pecht


Clearfield-Jefferson Drug & Alcohol Commission, Clearfield & Jefferson Counties  (2013-14)

  • Janie Braid, Marsha Emhoff, Susan Ford, Malissa Martino, John Schuster, Kelly Turner, Karen Orner  

CMP Drug & Alcohol CommissionCarbon, Monroe & Pike Counties 

  • Tricia Bayer, April Caton, Pamela Infante, Michael Meehan, Katrina Muffley, Jonah Talbott, Elaine Tuker, Jessica Verhauz, Rob Mikulski


Collaborating for Youth, Adams County

  • Emily Knowles-Kellett, Sharron Michels, Samiah Shusser


Community Health Council of Lebanon County, Lebanon County 

  • Paula Doney

Community Prevention Services of Westmoreland, Westmoreland County (2013-14)

  • Tim Phillips, Marie Fuga, Renee Kelly, David Tharp

Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc., Bucks County (2013-14)

  • Melissa Groden, Melanie Swanson, David Fialko, Bev Haberle, Jessica Schwartz


Council Rock Coalition for Healthy Youth, Bucks County (2013-14)

  • Debbie Moskovitz, Donna Foisy

Council of Southeast PA, Inc. (2013-14)
  • David Fialko, Melissa Groden, Bev Haberle, Jessica Schwartz, Melanie Swanson

Cumberland-Perry Drug and Alcohol Commission, Cumberland & Perry Counties (2013-14)

  • Matthew Bennett, Jack Carroll, Linda Doty, Sally Kammerer, Fiona Williston


Dauphin County Department of Drug & Alcohol Services, Dauphin County (2013-14)

  • Sherry Clouser, Dionne Baylor, Mavis Nimoh, Steven White, Jenny Guerrero, Kyla Crawford, Melanie Yeager, Emily Layser, Heather Crook


Downingtown Area CTC, Chester (2013-14)

  • Libby Egnaczyk , Tina Forsythe, Jaime Mehler, Cynthia Black, Francesca Weils

EPISCenter - Penn State University, Centre County

  • Sandy Hinkle 
  • Phyllis Law (2013-14)

Fayette County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc., Fayette County (2013-14)

  • Erica Usher, Melissa Reese, Kelly Reshenberg, Matt Dean, Lorraine Yasenosky, Melissa Ferris, Jana Kyle


Franklin-Fulton County Drug & Alcohol, Franklin & Fulton Counties (2013-14)

  • Lauri Ryder


Gateway Rehab Center, Allegheny County 

  • Holly Livingston, deRicci Horwatt, Tara Phillips, Debbie Stewart



Gority, Donna D., Individual Member, Blair County (2013-14)

Jewish Family & Children's Services of Greater Philly, Philadelphia (2013-14) 

  • Maryann Coombe, Adrienne Madnick, Renee Mezer, Brad Stern, Adrienne Tomlinson, Sheila Kurilla-Walker, Sara Wenger, Nicole Nardone, Nicole Schubert, Janon McFarland


Juniata Vally Tri-County D&A Abuse Commission, Mifflin, Juniata and Huntingdon Counties  (2013-14)

  • Martha Leister


Just Community, Inc., Bucks County 

  • Lee Rush

Lackawanna College, Lackawanna (2013-14)

  • Marsha Pigga

Lackawanna /Susquehanna Office of Drug and Alcohol Programs, Lackawanna/Susquehanna Counties (2013-14) 

  • Michele Smith, Jude Villano, Judy Lambert, Angela Paciotti, Pat Cushner, Anthony Kosydar, Jennifer Hameza


Lancaster County Drug and Alcohol Department, Lancaster County (2013-14)

  • Beth Bulat, Nicole Snyder, Lisa Starr


Lawrence County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Lancaster County (2013-14)

  • Jennifer Brown, Heather Shields, Raschelle Smith, Nadine Kirkwood


The Learning Lamp, Cambria County 

  • Leah Spangler, Heidi Rizkalla, Jil DiBuono, Katherine Miller, Emily Theys

Lebanon County Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Lebanon County (2013-14)

  • Robert Count


Lehigh County D&A, Lehigh County

  • Darbe George, Layne Turner


The Lincoln Center, Montgomery County 

  • Kerri Blakey

Lower Dauphin Communities That Care, Dauphin County (2013-14)
  • Kathy Peffer

Mainstream Counseling, Huntingdon County (2013-14)

  • Christine Steidle, Lonnie Woomer, Carol Wenner, Melody Fortney, Jody Baker


Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission, Mercer County (2013-14)

  • Debby Fye, Jeff Hanley, Kelly Burke


Mifflin County Communities That Care, Mifflin County (2013-14)

  • Nancy Records


PA General Assembly - House, York County

  • JoAnna J. Shovlin 

PA Liquor Control Board, Harrisburg (2013-14)

  • Bethany Gardner, Suzanne Volpe,  Mary Beth Wolfe, Christine Quimby


Penn State Extension, Lackawanna (2013-14)

  • Karen Thomas

Perry Human Services, Perry County

  • Glenys Dilissio


Personal Solutions, Inc., Bedford County (2013-14)

  • Dawn Housel, Amie Leonard, Kesha Keel, Sharon McNamara 

Sage's Army, Westmoreland County 

  • Diane Sturnick


Shalom, Inc., Philadelphia 

  • Phyllis Logan

St. Vincent College Prevention Project, Westmoreland County

  • Debora Babilya, Hope Balanti, Anna Marie Blon, Rebecca Casale, Stephanie Frey, Jerry Hopkins, Donna Kean, Joanne Krynicky, Lorri Jo Kujawski, Linda LaRue, Sharon Lewis, Dennis McDonough, Diane Meadows, Heather Meyer, Patricia Morhack, Beth Pollick, Lisa Rizza, Kathryn Senic, Georgia Shalek, Tracy Thompson


Sullivan County Victim Services, Sullivan County

  • Peggy Black, Amanda Hoover, Peg Ross, Lauren Shultz, Margaret Gates 


Tioga County Dept. of Human Services, Tioga County (2013-14)

  • Karen Bloom, Jody Dettinger, Max Harrison, Jane Palmer


TODAY, Inc., Bucks County (2013-14)

  • Shannon Hibbs, Melinda Gordan, Marcia Kalish, Manon Gordan, Mike DiTommaso 

Trehab Center, Susquehanna County (2013-14)

  • Andrew Granick, Traci Decker, Brian Keator, Kelly Diaz, Michelle Yohe


Twin Lakes Center, Somerset County (2013-14)

  • Ronna Yablonski, Paula Miller, Heather Miller-Keller


Valley Youth House, Northampton (2013-14)

  • Stacey Finney

The Voluntary Action Center of Northeast PA, Lackawanna County

  • Deb Peterson


Washington Drug & Alcohol Commission, Washington County  (2013-14)

  • Melissa Dunn, Bethany Hatalsky, Barb Mundell-O'Hara, Tammy Taylor, Ramona Cholak Seiks


Wayne County D& A Commission, Wayne County  (2013-14)

  • Mary Paladino


West Branch Drug & Alcohol Commission, Lycoming & Clinton Counties (2013-14)

  • Deanna Drick, Danielle Hardy, Cheryl Plankenhorn


Westmoreland Drug & Alcohol Commission, Westmoreland County (2013-14)

  • Michele Backo, Janet Hoffer, Colleen Hughes


West Chester Communities That Care, Chester County (2013-14)

  • Pamela Warfield

York/Adams Drug & Alcohol Commission (2013-14)

  • Cynthia Dixon, Tina Crager

Youth Alternatives, Inc., Venango County

  • Cindy McBride


YWCA Bucks County, Bucks County

  • Catherine Behrmann, Brittany Blount, Kristin Chapin, Lorna Michelson, Andrea Walls