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Our Vision: CPA will continue to be the foremost voice of Prevention in PA. Our Mission: To support prevention professionals in eliminating substance abuse and risk-related behaviors.

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Here is how to navigate this section of our webpage:  
     "Legislation" page offers news about current legislation that affects prevention services
     "Contact Legislators" page offers links to the US Congress and PA General Assembly
     "Positions & Policies" page has the Commonwealth Prevention Alliance (CPA) and CPA member agency position papers, as well as State and Federal policy statements.

Here are two "CPA Legislative Keys" that you may use for talking points when discussing substance-abuse prevention with your legislator:

Issue: Prescription Drug Abuse and Opioid Addiction

Click here for Naloxone Information Regarding PA Act 139 of 2014 The Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) is strongly encouraging the widespread use of naloxone, a drug that effectively counteracts the effects of a potentially fatal drug overdose. 

CPA's Stop Opiate Abuse Campaign Materials have been designed to educate parents, teachers, and family members and other caregivers about: the risks of prescription painkiller and heroin use; the relationship between prescription painkiller and heroin use; and what to do when you need help.

     CPA has received another grant from the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency to continue to fund our campaign for a second year. CPA and our workgroup partners will continue to develope FREE materials about opiate addiction and drug-abuse prevention that drug and alcohol professionals, including those involved with prevention coalitions, may download and distribute. These materials are approved by the PA Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP).  For Stop Opiate Abuse materials, visit or click on one of the icons below:



3-29-16 Fact Sheet: Obama Administration Announces Additional Actions to Address the Prescription Opioid Abuse and Heroin Epidemic

 Issue: Medical Marijuana Act (PA)

Click here for Summary of the PA Medical Marijuana Act of 4/17/16:  P.L. 84, No 16


“Medical Marijuana. An Educational Approach: Know the Science and the Facts”

This powerpoint presentation was compiled by members of the Educational Outreach Committee of the Communities That Care (CTC) Southeast Pennsylvania Regional Initiative (11/18/15)

The above powerpoint presentation along with the letter below were sent to the Chair of the PA Assembly's Health Committee: 

January 23, 2015

Hon. Matthew E. Baker

Chair of the Health Committee

213 Ryan Office Building

PO Box 202068

Harrisburg, PA 17120-2068

Dear Representative Baker and Members of the Health Committee:

Representative Scott Petri strongly recommended that we contact you in your role as Chair of the Health Committee. We are writing to you on behalf of the Communities That Care (CTC) Southeast Pennsylvania Regional Initiative.  Our regional initiative is comprised of multi-disciplinary community coalitions that work to prevent youth drug and alcohol use throughout our region of the Commonwealth.  Communities that Care (CTC) Southeast Region is comprised of community coalition professionals, representing local CTC prevention boards and prevention specialists.  CTC uses a comprehensive process which provides data-driven solutions by assessing both risk and protective factors that impact drug and alcohol use. The goal is for each local community to work with its members to reduce the identified risks that cause problematic behaviors and to increase those positive behaviors associated with healthy living.

As Pennsylvania legislators and residents deliberate the issue of marijuana and the possibility of changing practices in regard to marijuana use, members from our organization felt that we could be of assistance in raising awareness and educating legislators and our communities on the subject. The CTC Southeast Regional Legislative Committee has compiled scientific information about medical marijuana and marijuana use from many sources, including federal agencies and medical societies. We created a PowerPoint that is attached for your convenience.  Also attached you will find more detailed supporting information.

We believe that a non-emotional, thoughtful, and factual approach will be beneficial in educating your committee members.  If you feel that you need more information other than what we have provided, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can set up a convenient time to discuss this further.


Kelly Canally-Brown, MSS, MLSP 

Chair, Communities That Care, Southeast PA Region

3125 Ridge Pike 

Norristown, PA  19403