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Commonwealth Prevention Alliance

Our Vision: CPA will continue to be the foremost voice of Prevention in PA. Our Mission: To support prevention professionals in eliminating substance abuse and risk-related behaviors.
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CPA Mission

To support prevention professionals in eliminating substance abuse and 

risk-related behaviors.



Stop Opiate Abuse Campaign 

Materials have been designed to educate parents, teachers, and family members and other caregivers about:

  • the risks of prescription painkiller and heroin use
  • the relationship between prescription painkiller and heroin use, and
  • what to do when you need help


CPA has received another grant from the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency so our campaign will continue for a second year. CPA and our workgroup partners will continue to develope FREE materials about opiate addiction and drug-abuse prevention that drug and alcohol professionals, including those involved with prevention coalitions, may download and distribute. These materials are approved by the PA Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP).

For Stop Opiate Abuse materials, visit or click on an icon below: